University Preparation Programme

The majority of courses guarantee a place on your chosen degree programme upon successful completion of your course. With courses requiring a minimum of 4.5 in IELTS this can be a great choice to prepare you for university.

Foundation certificate
The Foundation Certificate allows you to study a specific subject, while working on your English level, enabling you to get on to your chosen degree course in the UK.

Subjects range from computing, business and law, to events and tourism, media and communications.

University foundation programmes can continue for about 24 weeks, with a good balance of teaching time and independent study. By the end of your foundation programme, you should have developed the language, study skills and subject knowledge to start your higher education study in your chosen field of expertise.

These courses will prepare you for a UK – or overseas English speaking – university undergraduate or post graduate degree course.

You’ll come out with a workable understanding of your specialism through spoken and written English, meaning you’ll be able to apply your knowledge across a range of academic study.

You’ll improve your English reading in areas such as research methodology, structure, decoding, scanning techniques, text comprehension and referencing.
You’ll hone your techniques in assignment structure, introductions, definitions, thesis statements, developing arguments and concluding sentences.
You’ll also extend your listening and speaking skills, developing practical application in areas such as lecture and seminar preparation, presentations and note taking.
Some students take an internal exam or IELTS at the end of the pre-sessional course to prove they have the right level of English to go on to their university study.

If you want to study for a master’s degree at a UK university, our Pre-Masters courses will help you get onto the course you want.

The Pre- Masters courses allow you to study your chosen subject alongside English language classes and study skills sessions.

Many courses focus on a research methodology report and major project. As you take on these challenges you’ll improve your English so that you’ll be able to complete research proposals, thesis statements, research methodologies, results reporting, literature reviews, statistical analysis and data analysis.
You’ll follow an academic module in your chosen subject, taught by a specialist tutor who will offer advice on content, methodology and structure.
There are a wide range of specialisms available, including business, law, marketing and engineering.