Joint Forces Language Test: Online and Full-Immersion UK courses

Online Courses

Online learning is convenient, flexible and can accommodate your busy work schedule. Private one to one lesson are available as well as group courses.

Learn online through the latest video conferencing software with a UK, British council accredited schools. Highly qualified, experienced, mother tongue teachers will help you improve in all areas of English. JFLT materials will be used to prepare you for the JFLT exam and develop your proficiency level in accordance with NATO STANAG 6001 ed. 2 guidelines.

Courses include access to a self-study, online learning platform, with hundreds of hours of lessons, which can be used through smart phones and tablets, as well computers. Study at your own pace and choose the areas of English you wish to focus on. Your teacher will also set you regular homework and written assignments, supporting and guiding you through your online course. Access to the learning platform continues for a further 3 months following completion of your course.

Before starting your online lessons you will be level tested and asked to complete a needs analysis. This ensures that teaches are able to help you achieve your aims during the course and that areas of weakness can be focussed on. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate from the school to prove your level of English and completion of the course.

Course content
Lessons will cover General English combined with JFLT preparation:

  • English grammar: Present, past and future tenses. Conditionals, modal verbs, prepositions, relative clauses, prepositions.
  • Vocabulary: technical military and naval, political, general vocabulary; including phrasal verbs, idioms, formal/informal language.
  • Functional language: Presentations, negotiations, meetings, telephoning, socialising and networking skills and debating language.
  • Writing: Academic essay writing, reports, formal and informal letters/emails, memo writing, etc.
  • Exam skills including: Writing, listening, reading and speaking. (Looking at example JFLT papers)

Please note: Courses are bespoke to your needs and can be adapted accordingly.

Full-immersion UK Courses

Should you wish to pursue a full-immersion course in the UK, we are able to organise both individual and group courses. In addition to general English, some of our UK schools also offer specific JFLT preparation combined with general English. Discounts on group courses are available.

For further information on courses and prices, please contact us with your requirements and preferred course.

Download our JFLT brochure    (Scarica la brochure dei corsi JFLT)

Download our STANAG 6001 and Common European Framework Comparison Chart

For NATO STANAG 6001 ed. 2 guidelines download here    (Scarica qui’ NATO STANAG 6001 ed. 2 guidelines)