General English, coursebook class

General English courses are coursebook based, and are generally run in the morning, with some schools offering an afternoon option. During the first three lessons of the day enabling you to improve the four main skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. As well as these four main skills you will also work on other key areas to help develop your fluency and accuracy – pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, idioms. Progress tests and tutorials are given at regular intervals to track student progress and provide regular guidance and support throughout your course.

Speaking and Listening classes

These classes offer students an additional opportunity to work on their receptive communication skills, with emphasis on listening skills, spoken fluency, functional language as well as pronunciation and intonation. Lessons often have a theme each week, from travel and tourism, crime and punishment to health and fitness.

Grammar & Writing

This course will help you to improve your grammatical accuracy and develop your writing skills. You will be able to plan the grammar areas and writing skills you need or would like to study with your teacher and other group members. Grammar areas chosen may include past, present and future tenses, conditionals, gerunds and infinitives, comparatives and superlatives. Writing areas may include essay structure, paragraphing, language register and context, sentence linking and appropriacy. This course is especially popular with students who wish to improve their written skills for their careers or for entry to a British university.


This is an integrated skills class aimed to improve your vocabulary and the way you discover, record and use new vocabulary. You will have lots of practice using new language and will focus on using known language correctly. We will reinforce new areas of vocabulary through a variety of skills work. The main focus will be on the accurate production of the language in terms of meaning, form and pronunciation, and vocabulary acquisition strategies. Areas covered may include: idioms, compounds, colloquialisms/slang, phrasal verbs, word-building, recording vocabulary, dictionary skills, easily confused words, metaphor, synonyms/antonyms, prepositions.

University Preparation Programme

The majority of courses guarantee a place on your chosen degree programme upon successful completion of your course. With courses requiring a minimum of 4.5 in IELTS this can be a great choice to prepare you for university.

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Private lessons

Private tailor-made courses are designed to suit students’ personal learning needs and daily routines. Individual lessons are all 60 minutes long and the content can be negotiated between student and teacher. This gives you an opportunity to work on areas that are of particular interest or concern.